About us

Giulio Sangirardi Bortolotti (1972) e Giulia Cavicchi (1979).

We live and work in Pieve di Cento a small medieval town close to Bologna, in the north of Italy.

Since the end of the 19th century many instrument makers lived and worked here in Pieve di Cento and Cento, Gotti, Carletti, Mozzani and Maccaferri to name but a few, some of them like Mario Maccaferri became famous all around the world.
To represent the work of local instrument makers an interesting collection of instruments built in this area is on display at the local music museum, Museo della Musica di Pieve di Cento.

For six years we attended the Lutherie School of Pieve di Cento with master luthier Stefano Frassinetti.
We attended and organised many workshops with worldwide famous luthiers such as John Monteleone (Usa), Linda Manzer (Can), Chris Jenkins (Usa), Alex Bishop (Uk), George Lowden (Uk), Galeazzo Frudua (It), Roy Courtnall.

In 2017 we translated in English a book written by Giovanni Intelisano about Mario Maccaferri, the book was distributed worldwide among luthiers and guitar players in awe of the legendary builder born a couple of miles away from our workshop.



We personally season the tone woods that we use to build our instruments and we buy it worldwide (Italy, Usa, Canada, South Africa)

We personally hand build every part of our guitars but the tuners, the bridge pins and the strings.

We choose the materials that we use for their mechanic and sound characteristics .

We build our steel and nylon strings guitars in the Spanish traditional way, in our guitars theres no nails, screws or bolts, only wood and hot hide glue and fish glue.

We only use the best tuners (machine heads), usually Gotoh 510.

We personally produce and apply our varnishes being it shellac, boiled linseed oil or amber.



We mostly make finger-style guitars, with modern features like multiscale fretboards (fanned frets), soundport, true temperament system and some very traditional features like the Spanish neck joint and ancient natural varnishes.

We are proud to claim that our guitars are a blend of innovation and tradition.

Our line include the following models: Parlour, 00, 000, OM, Small Jumbo, nylon string (classical guitar based on a Ramirez design)
The 00, 000, OM and Small Jumbo models could be built also as baritone guitars.
We are not afraid of building guitars with more than six strings...